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We are delighted to announce that our new Gravograph Laser Engraving System has arrived !

This will enable us to engrave & cut a much wider range of materials: 

  • Wood
  • Cork
  • Glass
  • Acrylic
  • Leather
  • Carboard
  • Slate, and more



Sports Team Sponsorship

Continuing our support of local sports clubs and teams, we are pleased to announce our Sponsorship of 2 Junior Curling Teams for season 2018-19

Team Munro

Team Bryce

This is a new team formed to compete at Under 17 and Under 21 levels and their target is to reach the Scottish Junior Championships in January 2019 

They will be playing competitions in Glasgow, Hamilton, Kinross, Perth, Aberdeen & Lockerbie as they work towards their goals. 

This level of dedication also requires financial support which has been provided by Perth Trophy Shop, McMillan Hotels & St Jame's Place Wealth Management
Another new team this season that will play in all the Under 21 competitions and the mens Perth Masters in January 2019. 

They are a Scottish Curling Academy Team with ambitions to be in the top 3 in Scotland this season. Our engraver, Mark Watt, plays 3rd stones.  

Perth Trophy Shop is pleased to jointly sponsor them with Bryce Suma Fence Post Drivers and British Curling Supplies


Sports Awards 2019


We are delighted to announce that Perth Trophy Shop will once again be sponsoring the Volunteer of the Year Award at the 2019 Perth & Kinross Sports Awards. 

This is a worthy cause that recognises outstanding local achievements.  

March 2018​​

Perth & Kinross Sports Awards

Perth Trophy Shop was delighted to sponsor the Volunteer of the Year Award at the Perth & Kinross Sports Awards in Mar 2018. The highlight of the evening was an inspirational talk by Mark Beaumont who cycled round the world in under 80 days! 

We believe that volunteers do so much great work around the country with a variety of clubs & sports. Particularly those that support our younger athletes & give them an opportunity to move onto greater things. That's why we sponsored this award.

Supporting Local Football  -  Pitch Locator

When the Scottish Youth Football Association asked us to get involved with their local Pitch Finder initiative, we agreed straight away & signed up for 2 years. 
This is a great initiative and we are proud to support them with their website & App. You can find out more information on their website here ... ​ 

Local football teams benefitting from this support include: 

  • Luncarty
  • Pitfour
  • Jeanfield Swifts
  • Letham 
  • Scone
  • Auchterarder
  • ​and many more

Curling - Team Craik

Congratulations to Team Craik on being the Asham Under 21 Slam Winners 2017-18. After 4 weekends of curling, the boys were top of the leaderboard for the season & collected first prize of £1,000. 

2017-18 Winners


Perth Trophy Shop sponsored this junior curling team for season 2017-18. Second Player, Mark Watt, is a trainee engraver in our shop and has been on the team for 3 years. 

They played in a number of events throughout the country, from Inverness to Lockerbie, and they've racked up a lot of miles in the process. 

Greenacres  -  4th
Kinross  -  1st
Inverness  -  2nd 
Lockerbie  -  4th 

They then went on to be 4th equal in the Scottish Junior Championships in Aberdeen in Jan 2018. 

They are part of Scottish Curling's Performance Academy